Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


We at Recognition Awards believe that our business goals not only include being successful financially but also being a positive force in our community. Towards this end, we fully embrace the ideas behind corporate social responsibility. We strive to exhibit our efforts in the following ways.



As part of our business, there is a large amount of cardboard and other ancillary waste materials. We actively try to reuse as many cardboard boxes as possible. What cannot be reused we attempt to recycle – not only cardboard but paper and metal. This has the added benefit of reducing our generated waste. Over time, we hope to expand our efforts in this area so that we can decrease our carbon footprint and find more ways to reuse and recycle.


Ethical Labor Practices

Recognition Awards treats its employees fairly and ethically. Well it is often said, we really do see our employees as a valued asset and a key differentiator in the marketplace. We employ trustworthy people from varied backgrounds and actively work to cross-train and make sure that all of us are learning new ideas, methods and approaches. Just as we treat our customers with respect and make it a goal to see them again, we make every effort to deal fairly with all our employees and make sure they understand we value their ideas, time and effort.



As a company, Recognition Awards wants to be a positive influence within our community of Coraopolis as well as the greater Pittsburgh area. Towards this end, we actively look for not-for-profit organizations to support when they are in need of awards and trophies. We also donate our time and resources to local food banks, charities and do what we can, albeit in a limited capacity, to make the Pittsburgh area a more vibrant, verdant and friendly place to live.